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Hebei Taipei

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01 DVD +01 Blu-ray DVD, total 02 DVD

Rum Time

DVD 91 min, Blu-ray DVD 91 min, total 182 min

Film Narration

Traditional Chinese 5.1


English. Japanese. Traditional Chinese

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Counseling level

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NTSC , available all region

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Production Year


Release Year



2016 the Network of Asian Women's Film Festival

-NAWFF National First Award

2016 Taipei Film Festival Best Documentary

2015 Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival-YIDFF National Award

2015 Women Make Waves Taiwan First Award

Film Description

Li was born in Hebei Province in China, and the war brought him to Taiwan where he has spent six decades. Li never returns to his hometown, but has revisited it countless times in his dreams. However, whenever he dreams of it, he sees blood flowing all over the place.

When Li was ten, his father was brutally killed by the KMT soldiers during the North Expedition. Taking the children with her, his mother fled home overnight. They encountered flood as well as drought; in the end, the illness drove his mother to take her own life. In order to feed himself, Li became a monk in the temple. Later when the Chinese Civil War erupted, he gave up his religious life and joined the KMT army, killing countless enemy soldiers. Nonetheless, as the KMT was eventually defeated, Li not only surrendered himself to the Chinese Communist Party but joined in.

For Li, joining the army was never about any political beliefs but feeding himself. Thus he praised whoever fed him. However, he did not settle down for long since the Korean War broke out soon after. China sent the troops to support the North Korea, and Li was captured by the Americans in the border area. Assisted by the United Nations, Li came to Taiwan over which the KMT government reigned. After his arrival in Taiwan, he got married and had his own family. Nonetheless, he never stops worrying about the fact that he had once joined the Chinese Communist Party would be revealed. At the age of sixty, he separated from his wife and children. Whenever he looks at himself in the mirror, he cannot bear to his hair turn grey. Therefore he puts on a wig of black hair and a women’s dress, trying to make up all those years wasted when he was young. While doing so, he has no idea how his eventful life will come to an end…

Director’s Biography

Li Nien-hsiu, the director of Hebei, Taipei is the daughter of the protagonist in the film. Since she promised her father that she would tell his story to the public, she began a fifteen-year journey of making this documentary. Starting from Taipei in Taiwan, she has travelled more than five thousand kilometres to Hebei and Shanxi Provinces in China and Korea as she was revisiting all these places on her father’s behalf. Moreover, this project not only brings her closer to her estranged father but helps her understand him. In fact, it is rare for children to learn about what happened to their parents in their lives. Therefore through this journey, Li Nien-hsiu has finally come to realise that one has to know where one comes from before deciding where he should be heading towards in the future.

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