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John Coltrane and Miles Davis 爵士音樂名人


Take a journey to 1959 and walk the miles with two of the most iconic jazz musicians of all time, men whose work became the soundtrack of an era. This film captures the brilliant, untold story of John Coltrane and Miles Davis, starring Ricco Ross as Coltrane and Travis Hinson as Davis. Their impact came at the outset of significant changes in all things America set in the midst of the Civil Rights Movement, the birth of Rock ‘N’ Roll, and the popularity of television. It is the timeless story of two of the most prolific jazz musicians’ magnetic collaboration as they progressed beyond the traditional approaches to jazz and, in doing so, revolutionized an era. Witness the birth of “cool jazz” with the making of Kind of Blue, the best-selling jazz album in history, seeing how it was made and who was behind it. The influential Miles Davis takes the audience through his and Coltrane’s struggle to keep jazz alive through this transformative period, paving the way for new diverse forms of musical expression.




Recognized by multiple generations, as well as a cross-section of society, Elvis Presley holds a permanent place in American and World music history. Elvis Presley is an American icon that ushered in a music revolution that triggered a global-scale cultural transformation. Elvis’s legacy is celebrated all around the world from Japan to Israel and from India to the England. The impact of this music revolutionary touched the hearts of millions around the world. His music and persona still lives on today by inspiring and influencing artists all around the world. Lives On! showcases the Elvis phenomenon and how the “King” controversially gave birth to Rock and Roll in an era of conservatism and conformity. Through his music, Elvis opened the door for black musicians and sparked greater tolerance of open sexuality. Rarely seen footage of Elvis performing in Las Vegas with Liberace and hysterical fans attending his movies and concerts, paint the picture of a man that had truly arrived before his time. Fascinating insights from Mary Ann Mobley, Donny Osmond and his former wife Priscilla Presley, reveal the personal life journey of the King of Rock and Roll.




Beyonce is one of the biggest selling female recording artists of the decade. Born Beyonce Gisele Knowles in Houston Texas in 1981, she took dance and singing classes to overcome shyness, but it soon become obvious to everyone that she could belt out a tune. By the age of seven she was winning talent competitions and at fifteen formed Destiny’s Child with best friend Kelly Rowland. Knowlesʼ father had so much faith in his daughters talent that he left his job in sales to manage the group full time and he was soon rewarded when Columbia signed Destiny’s Child to a recording contract.  After some line-up changes in the year 2000, the group was finally settled as a trio featuring Knowles, Rowland and Michelle Williams. The groups third album was the first to feature Williams. Titled Survivor it spawned the hits Independent Woman, Bootylicious and Survivor. It earned them their third Grammy for Best R&B Performance by a Duo or Group.  After a slew of awards, the trio took some time out to pursue solo efforts. Three years later, they reformed to produce their final album – Destiny Fulfilled – on which they all had writing and producing credits. The album went on to make them the biggest selling girl group of all time.  In June 2005 though, the girls called it quits, deciding to end their fourteen years together on a high note so they could go on to pursue individual goals. This Beyonce in particular has done with irrepressible style, dipping her toes into cinema with Dream Girls and Austin Powers: Goldmember; as well as producing the follow up to her debut solo album Dangerously in Love, B-Day. B-Day included the hit “Irreplaceable”, collaboration with boyfriend Jay-Z which stayed on top of the Billboard charts for ten straight weeks, giving Beyonce the most successful single of her career.




The Rolling Stones are as well known for their music as they are for each band member’s highly public and often troubled personal journey. Pioneering a gritty blues-based style of rock & roll in the 60s, the Stones gathered fans and momentum alike with front man Mick Jagger’s unique blend of macho showmanship and camp irony attracting plenty of attention. For over four decades the Rolling Stones have been on top. Arrests, drugs, fall-outs, death and relationships have stood center stage with eight consecutive number one albums in the US and sold out live shows. Our documentary on one of music’s most enduring and entertaining acts is compelling viewing.




John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr, four of the most iconic names in music history. Together, they weave the story of the Beatles, still listed by Rolling Stone magazine as the most important band in the world. Since bursting onto the music scene in the early 1960s, the Beatles embarked on successful solo careers, faced difficult personal and legal battles, but ultimately endured. This documentary is an unauthorized story on life after the Beatles’ which examines the phenomenon that was Beatlemania and looks at forty years after the hype, the crescendo and the climax of the Beatles’ fame.


名人傳記-Jay-Z 饒舌歌手


An unauthorized story on JAY-Z looks at one of the world’s most popular hip hop artists. World renowned producer, record label executive, fashion mogul and philanthropist Jay-Z has one more title to his name, the husband of singer Beyonce.  Retiring from his own rap career in 2003 due to having said everything he wanted to say as a recording artist,  he set his talents to work helping others ignite their careers in the field.  Originally christened Sean Carter, he grew up in Brooklyn, New York and after being abandoned by his father and dabbling in drugs,  life was not too promising for the young aspiring rapper. Luckily, though, fate had other ideas, and his talents gave him inspiration to focus on a life in music, his only ticket out of the crime-ridden neighborhood. After starting independent label Rockafella  Records, he released his debut effort Reasonable Doubt to rave reviews. Ten years later he launched his “coming out of retirement” tour, aiming to go where he’d hadn’t gone before, including Australia, to take hip-hop to a broader audience.


名人傳記-U2 搖滾樂團


U2 began as a band of four teenagers whose first rehearsal was in Larry Mullin Jars parent’s kitchen, in 1976. Thirty-three years and 170 million album sales later, Ireland’s most famous export is one of the biggest bands in the world, having won more Grammy Awards than any other group, in history!  U2 are almost as well known for their philanthropy and charity work as they are for their music. Over twenty years, lead singer Bono has made a name for himself as a tireless worker for social and economic change in Third World Countries, with his never-ending energy, drive and commitment to social causes.