Callanetics 健肌操9套精緻版


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Callanetics 健肌操9套精緻版


L13-20-041 Callanetics 健肌操-60分鐘全身鍛煉Abs Plus.臀部.背部.腿部.伸展運動


CALLANETICS is a timeless technique with repeated proven results. Get into ‘The Zone’ with this brand-new DVD using Callanetics simple, yet focused exercises which have helped individuals successfully firm and re-shape their bodies for decades. Each ‘Zone’ targets a different part of your body. Our on-screen Pulse Meter keeps you on track. You don’t need more than 15 minutes to see your body transform in quick time. Includes 4 Individual 15-minute Programs. Do 1…2…3 or do all four for a full body 60 minute workout, you can self-select your programs and order! Program 1: Abs Plus – The best of Callanetics ab and core exercises, circuit style to give you a flatter midsection (Recommended equipment: Mat). Program 2: Hips & Rear – A series of powerfully effective exercises to round and shape these areas, using the now famous Callanetics ‘pulse’ to work deep and focused (recommended equipment: Mat). Program 3: Legs – Concentrated attention to shape, firm and define your thighs (Recommended equipment: Mat & Paper Plate). Program 4: Get Flexible! – A series of ‘feel good’ stretches to relieve tight muscles and have more joint mobility, to leave you feeling refreshed and ready for more Callanetics! (Recommended equipment: Mat).


L13-20-018 Callanetics 健肌操-每天兩次健身計劃



A firm, shapely body in just minutes a day awaits you with Callanetics: Wake Up/Wind Down. Featuring two short daily routines that shape up and strengthen your entire body, you’ll be energized in the morning, completely relaxed in the evening and look and feel great 24 hours a day. These gentle, no-impact routines work deeply on all your muscles, and you’ll see results – fast! Simple to learn, safe and effective, Callanetics Wake Up/Wind Down provides the perfect start and finish to your day. Callanetics Wake Up Class: Designed to energize your entire day, this comprehensive 20 minute workout will help strengthen and beautify your entire body. From wake-up stretches to target-toning of specific muscles groups, it will make starting your day an exciting experience. Callanetics Wind Down Class: This fully relaxing, highly effective 17 minute evening workout utilizes unique deep-muscle Callanetics exercises in a routine that reduces stress while working to rejuvenate and contour all your body’s muscles.


L13-20-017 Callanetics 健肌操-4項快速有效訓練



Maximum results…minimum time! Now you can re-shape your figure with no-impact, completely safe exercises in only minutes a day. Callanetics, is a series of small, gentle, precise motions consistently applied that activate your body’s largest, most powerful muscles to quickly and dramatically improve common problem areas. You’ll be amazed at how fast you can make it happen…

Includes 4 individual Express routines:

  1. Callanetics Full Body Express: An express routine for the entire body in only 17 minutes.
  2. Callanetics Abs Express: 12 minutes of express ab exercises to give you that beautiful, strong, flat stomach you’ve always wanted.
  3. Callanetics Lower Body Express: 25 minutes of targeted exercises for the legs, hips and behind.
  4. Callanetics Stretch Express: Get long and lean with 18 minutes of Callanetics stretches.

Bonus Routine: Callanetics Upper Body Sculpt: Our challenging 15 minute routine for the upper body using resistance stretch bands.


L13-20-016 Callanetics 健肌操-初學篇


Callanetics Basics is a safe, gentle, easy-to-learn routine designed especially for the beginner. If you have never exercised before or if you are trying to get back into a regular routine, Callanetics Basics has been developed so you can learn the fundamentals of Callanetics at your own pace. Callanetics is a series of small, gentle, precise motions consistently applied that quickly tighten hips, buttocks, inner and outer thighs, flatten the tummy, lift the bust, firm underarms, tone the entire body and dramatically improve your posture. Unlike other exercise programs that stress hard jerking motions, the Callanetics exercises are truly no-impact. Featuring exercises for every part of the body, this half-hour routine is the perfect place to start your journey to a more beautiful and healthy body. Perfect for beginners and active older adults.


L13-20-015 Callanetics 健肌操-Callan Pinckney最高級訓練


The next step to a perfect figure! For the flattest stomach, the tightest behind and the firmest arms and legs imaginable, Callanetics Extreme is for you! This supercharged class in the revolutionary deep muscle exercise can give you the body you have always wanted in only minutes a day. Callanetics Extreme is the easiest way to streamline your figure. This no-impact routine is simple to learn, incredibly effective, and you ll see results – fast! Callan Pinckney’s most advanced exercises are designed to get you into the best possible shape – quickly and safely. For ultimate inch loss and a new tauter body, get started today with Callanetics Extreme.


L13-20-014 Callanetics 健肌操-拉平腹部.收緊臀部.大腿.抬起胸部使身體更緊緻


A fabulous figure is only hours away… CALLANETICS is the fitness phenomenon that can literally help you look ten years younger in just 10 hours with optimum body-shaping results plus increased energy levels & reduced stress in a fast, safe, no-impact routine. Callan Pinckney’s revolutionary exercise program reaches far into the muscles that are often ignored by most fitness routines. These deep muscle exercises help flatten the abs, tighten the hips, inner and outer thighs, firm the underarms, lift the rear and bust, and make for a tighter, more beautiful body. They will also drastically improve your posture. You will feel the difference in minutes and see the dramatic results within hours! This Pure Callanetics routine will shed years off your figure. By regularly following this simple program, the body you always dreamed of can be yours in no time.


L13-20-013 Callanetics 健肌操-Callan Pinkney 創新深部肌肉訓練


Callan Pinkney, author of the best-selling exercise book Callanetics, personally demonstrates her innovative deep-muscle exercise technique. Featuring a complete 60 minute routine.Unlike other exercise programs that stress hard jerking motions. Callanetics is a series of small, gentle, precise motions consistently applied that activate the body’s largest, most powerful muscles to tighten hips, buttocks, inner and outer thighs; flatten the stomach; lift the bust and firm underarms and tone the entire body. It can also dramatically improve your posture. After one hour of Callanetics you will feel the effects; after a few hours of the program you should start to see the difference. By following the simple 60 minute Callanetics workout three to four times a week, the body you always dreamed of may be yours!

Classic Callanetics

For the first time Classic Callanetics presents every single exercise that makes up the original Callanetics routine, as taught by Callan Pinckney. Compiled from archive footage originally filmed for the Quick Callanetics video series. These are the exercises that revolutionized the fitness industry and deliver results that other programs can only dream of.


L13-20-012 Callanetics 健肌操-基礎篇


Unlock the full potential of your Callanetics workout! Millions of people around the world have already discovered how Callan Pinckney’s revolutionary, no-impact Callanetics routines can shed years off your figure – without the back-stressing, body-jarring motions of other workouts. Now, The Secrets Of Callanetics offers in-depth instructions showing you how to get the most from each movement to achieve even greater body-shaping results, no matter which Callanetics program you follow! This is an instructional program only, not a workout. Certified Callanetics teachers present tips for getting maximum results from selected Callanetics positions which require precise positioning and movement. Use this DVD in combination with Callanetics workout DVDs: Callanetics; Super Callanetics; Beginning Callanetics; Quick Callanetics and AM/PM Callanetics.


L13-20-011 Callanetics 健肌操-臀.腿.背.上腹.上半身訓練塑身


Ignite your body with this targeted, result-oriented program. Fire up the deep torso muscles to heat up your core, the muscles that wrap around your center as you challenge and re-define your hips, legs, rear, midsection and upper body. Callanetics is a proven and highly effective training method, recommended by thousands who have transformed their bodies in just weeks using our layered series of precise movements. Fast and effective, this is the ultimate body re-shaping program!

Includes 3 Individual Programs Plus a Bonus Workout:

  1. Callanetics All-Out Core: (25 minutes) – Target your entire torso with both isolated and dynamic movements that whittle your midsection to give you a strong foundation and sleek, strong, toned abs! Recommended equipment: Mat
  2. Callanetics LRC: Legs/Rear/Core (25 minutes) – This shape-up program gives you super-effective toning at its best. Hit those body parts you want defined, firm and red-carpet worthy to keep you body confident all year long! Recommended equipment: Mat, Paper Plate, Chair
  3. Callanetics Total Body (40 minutes) – The perfect workout to blast your way to a stronger and more toned you! Hit your lower body, upper body and core, using precision sculpting techniques to zero in and give you the sleek, defined results you want. Recommended equipment: Mat, Resistance Band, Chair

Bonus: Callanetics Upper Body Sculpt & Core (10 minutes) – Unique exercises challenge your body; a refreshing way to tone and define your arms, chest, shoulders and back, with focus on your midsection in every exercise. Get it done, all in only 10 minutes! Recommended equipment: Mat, Resistance Band