Debra Bono 非洲傳統舞蹈+踏板有氧運動


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Dance Explosion is Debra Bono’s much anticipated follow-up to her acclaimed “Afro-Caribbean Step” DVD. Remember that smooth, controlled movements are effective for increasing the intensity in your workout. When you use momentum, you decrease the intensity. Debra designed the workout to maximize the aerobic benefit while minimizing the risk of injury due to momentum. Safety first! If you are unfamiliar or uncomfortable working on the step, take it out of your routine and work on the floor. As a dancer, Debra kept the Afro-Caribbean choreography in mind and you’ll feel at home on the floor or on the step. Enjoy! Contains an 8-minute warm-up, a full 46-minute step workout, a 5-minute conditioning segment, and a 5-minute cool down.