Fabien Jolivel 菲律賓武術


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As part of the promotion and development of Balintawak in France and abroad, the Norman Kali Eskrima Club has officially established a program enabling different students, teachers and representatives of our group to know where they stand technically, and be able – for our advanced students and our instructors – to convey a good state of mind and ensure a very good performance during technical exchanges with other eskrimadors, especially with partners from our Balintawak family. The course organized by Fabien Jolivel in the Studios IProd presents Balintawak style for beginners and advanced learners. You will learn several techniques and sequences such as: work on basic angle position with redondo and sunkete, advanced pointing up defense, attack / defense work, basic sequence work, breaking the sequence, the History of the making of sequences, several mano mano techniques. Fabien Jolivel (France) began practicing Japanese martial arts in 1988 with Karate-Do Shotokan until 1999. Meanwhile, he discovered the Filipino martial arts during a course with Master Mike Inay of the Inayan Eskrima, and was fascinated by the effectiveness of this system where all non-conventional techniques have their place. He began to educate himself and assembled a working group before creating the first Kali-Eskrima club in the suburbs of Paris. After several trips to the Philippines, he decided to study Balintawak, and GM Nick Elizar awarded him the title of Master in World Nickelstick Eskrima. In 2005, he decided to train in the Philippines with more students. He improved his Balintawak system in Cebu thanks to GM Nick Elizar.