JACK LALANNE 長壽運動-椅子和浴巾鍛煉上半身

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Back to Basics from Jack LaLanne is a simple two-part workout program demonstrating upper and lower body exercises using only a chair and a towel! It contains simple exercises for young and old alike that works all of the 640 muscles of your body, using both cardiovascular and strength training workout routines, to help you feel better, look better, and live longer! Day One: Upper Body Basics Jack shows you simple calisthenics to work most parts of your upper body using a chair and an ordinary bath towel. Day Two: From the Waist Down Jack uses the chair to exercise the lower body using many of the techniques he perfected during his 34 years on television. Bonus Feature: Face-A-Tonics Workout You can have the world’s greatest skin, but if the supporting muscles are weak, you will look older. This program contains Jack’s famous exercises for the over 50 muscles in your face and neck; when these muscles are exercised, it helps firm, tighten, and strengthen them. The simple exercises on the video take only a few minutes per day, three to four times per week.


Jack LaLanne 70多年職業生涯中,激勵數百萬人通過改善健康來幫助自己。

他不僅擁有第一家於1936年開業現代健康工作室,而且 還是電視界的先驅。


傑克·拉蘭尼Jack LaLanne 80多年通過他的教學和信仰所倡導的大部分內容今天已成為常識。今天的醫生和健身專家都承認每天有系統的鍛煉和適當的飲食是長壽的關鍵。全世界數以百萬計的粉絲追隨他的哲學,並從他的教義中受益。

2011年1月23日,96 歲傑克·拉蘭恩去世。

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