John Neumeier 芭蕾舞劇 Ghost Light


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A Ghost Light ?a single lamp that illuminates the stage when rehearsals or performances are finished ?is part of a long theatrical tradition. Legend says that originally, the night light was for the ghosts of former artists so that they may cavort throughout the night and not disturb or disrupt current performances! At this very moment, because of the pandemic, countless stages, particularly in America, are illuminated by ghost lights.

The Hamburg Ballet was one of the first ballet companies internationally to return to its studios after the first lockdown. Observing a strict hygiene concept, John Neumeier created Ghost Light, a new full-length ballet, for his entire ensemble of 55 dancers. The ballet deals with isolation and the feelings and fantasies an empty stage may evoke. Developed in fragments using small groups of dancers and under the constraints imposed by COVID-19, the choreography reflects situations, fears, relationships, memories, and emotions experienced during the pandemic. John Neumeier dedicates this work to his dancers.

For this recording, the solo piano music is performed by the star pianist David Fray whose Franz Schubert recordings inspired the choreographer.