KELLY COFFEY-MEYER 30分鐘有氧健美操入門-低強度有氧運動.拳擊.體重鍛煉.組合運動


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Kelly Coffey-Meyer’s 30 Minutes to Fitness “Cardio Sculpt Overload” is an interval workout which is designed to burn fat, increase muscle definition and improve your overall fitness level. The four different workout principals include low impact cardio, boxing, body weight exercises, and compound moves. The optional use of a weighted vest is the main “overload” factor that will increase your your caloric output and rev up your metabolism for an amazing afterburn! You’ll never get on the floor in this workout…Kelly keeps you on your feet and moving constantly! Other “overload” options are; light dumbbells for the boxing drills, a heavier dumbbell for the total body compound moves, and the personal choice to go beyond your usual 30 minute workout by 8, 16 or 24 extra minutes to further overload your session! This workout is versatile and appropriate for all levels. Equipment needed: one moderate to heavy dumbbell


凱莉.科菲.梅耶Kelly Coffey-Meyer自1983年開始在費城和新澤西州最大俱樂部設計並實施團體健身計劃。1988年,她是第一個將AFAA帶到費城的人,並為她節目贏得費城最佳獎。

凱莉.科菲.梅耶是名有競爭力運動員,在萊德大學獲得曲棍球獎學金和傳播學學士學位。在1980年代初期,她在體育和健康方面終生訓練也被用於健美比賽中。凱莉.科菲.梅耶製作有氧運動第一張DVD成功,目前全球發行30多張DVD有氧運動影片。凱利一生健身經歷推動有氧新運動創造最新踏步形式,稱為Stepboxing,並且製作30-Minutes to Fitness 系列影片。她的努力得到業界認可,包括健身雜誌、今日美國、賓夕法尼亞大學、氧氣雜誌。