KELLY COFFEY-MEYER 30分鐘有氧健美操-體能.力量訓練


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“Power Splits” includes two strength workouts presented in a time-saver format and followed by a Finisher to enhance the overall effectiveness of the workouts. Workout One is an upper-body workout. “Upper Split” focuses on the five most commonly performed exercises for each muscle group to ensure proper form while building strength. This workout finishes with a 10 minute “Boxing Finisher” to trim your waistline and increase muscle definition. Equipment used: a step (or bench), moderate to heavy Dbs and EggWeights (or 1-2lb) Workout Two is a lower body strength workout. “Lower Split” focuses on the three most common dumbbell moves performed by avid gym-goers. This lower body session is followed by a body-weight-only “Leg FInisher” to promote well-toned legs and glutes. Equipment Used: moderate to heavy DBs.


凱莉.科菲.梅耶Kelly Coffey-Meyer自1983年開始在費城和新澤西州最大俱樂部



凱莉.科菲.梅耶製作有氧運動第一張DVD成功,目前全球發行30多張DVD有氧運動影片。凱利一生健身經歷推動有氧新運動創造最新踏步形式,稱為Stepboxing,並且製作30-Minutes to Fitness 系列影片。她的努力得到業界認可,包括健身雜誌、今日美國、賓夕法尼亞大學、氧氣雜誌。