KELLY COFFEY-MEYER 30分鐘有氧健美操17套精緻版


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KELLY COFFEY-MEYER 30分鐘有氧健美操17套精緻版



凱莉.科菲.梅耶Kelly Coffey-Meyer自1983年開始在費城和新澤西州最大俱樂部設計並實施團體健身計劃。1988年,她是第一個將AFAA帶到費城的人,並為她節目贏得費城最佳獎。凱莉.科菲.梅耶是名有競爭力運動員,在萊德大學獲得曲棍球獎學金和傳播學學士學位。在1980年代初期,她在體育和健康方面終生訓練也被用於健美比賽中。

凱莉.科菲.梅耶製作有氧運動第一張DVD成功,目前全球發行30多張DVD有氧運動影片。凱利一生健身經歷推動有氧新運動創造最新踏步形式,稱為Stepboxing,並且製作30-Minutes to Fitness 系列影片。她的努力得到業界認可,包括健身雜誌、今日美國、賓夕法尼亞大學、氧氣雜誌。

L13-22-003 KELLY COFFEY-MEYER 30分鐘有氧健美操-Stepboxing 燃脂有氧拳擊


30-Minutes to Fitness “Cardio Fit” has two upbeat and energetic cardio workouts that are designed to burn maximum calories and speed up your metabolic rate. The format presented in these workouts is enjoyable, effective, and time-efficient! Workout One is an easy-to-follow “Kickboxing” workout with periodic intervals of challenging lower body exercises using heavy dumbbells. This no-frills drills session is sure to leave you feeling ALIVE and EMPOWERED! Equipment used: 12lb Dumbbells Optional Equipment: EggWeights (or 1-2lb) Workout Two is an uplifting “Hi/Low” workout that takes it up a notch with intervals of challenging compound moves with moderate dumbbells. The workout will fly by, but the effects are long-lasting. Equipment used: 12 and 8lb dumbbells Bonus #1: “CardioFit” includes Kelly’s signature premixes for added workout options. Bonus Alert #2: “CardioFit” also includes one of Kelly’s RAW home workouts from her Coffeyfit streaming APP on Vimeo.



L13-22-002 KELLY COFFEY-MEYER 30分鐘有氧健美操-體能.力量訓練


Power Splits includes two strength workouts presented in a time-saver format and followed by a Finisher to enhance the overall effectiveness of the workouts. Workout One is an upper-body workout. “Upper Split” focuses on the five most commonly performed exercises for each muscle group to ensure proper form while building strength. This workout finishes with a 10 minute “Boxing Finisher” to trim your waistline and increase muscle definition. Equipment used: a step (or bench), moderate to heavy Dbs and EggWeights (or 1-2lb) Workout Two is a lower body strength workout. “Lower Split” focuses on the three most common dumbbell moves performed by avid gym-goers. This lower body session is followed by a body-weight-only “Leg FInisher” to promote well-toned legs and glutes. Equipment Used: moderate to heavy DBs.



L13-21-007 KELLY COFFEY-MEYER 30分鐘有氧健美操-輕型啞鈴+階梯踏板


Kelly Coffey-Meyer’s 30 Minutes to Fitness “Super Sculpt” includes two very different workouts that will sculpt and define your body from-head-to-toe. Workout One starts with 15 minutes of moderate intensity super sculpting drills followed by 15 minutes of step aerobics. Equipment: A step and super light DBs. Workout Two challenges you in a completely different way. Kelly takes you through tabata rounds consisting of loop band work for your lower body, shadow boxing with light dbs to sculpt your upper body and hi-impact moves on a high step for a metabolic blast. Equipment needed: High step, loop band, and super light DBs. Both 30 minute workouts on “Super Sculpt” are designed to burn maximum calories, sculpts lean muscle mass, and improve your overall functional fitness.



L13-21-006 KELLY COFFEY-MEYER 30分鐘有氧健美操-拳擊健身


Kelly Coffey-Meyer’s 30 Minutes to Fitness “Boxfit” is your cardio/pump workout. It is designed to burn calories and increase overall strength. Workout One is your cardio session and it involves 30 upbeat minutes of shadow boxing that is easy to follow and fun. But don’t let the good time fool you, this workout packs a punch. Workout Two is your weightlifting session. Kelly keeps your set up time to a minimum and works each muscle group with only two pairs of dbs. Straight forward, challenging and truly effective. “BOXFIT” is your trim down and get strong DVD! Equipment used: Two pairs of dumbbells.



L13-20-070 KELLY COFFEY-MEYER 30分鐘有氧健美操入門-低強度有氧運動.拳擊.體重鍛煉.組合運動


Kelly Coffey-Meyer’s 30 Minutes to Fitness “Cardio Sculpt Overload” is an interval workout which is designed to burn fat, increase muscle definition and improve your overall fitness level. The four different workout principals include low impact cardio, boxing, body weight exercises, and compound moves. The optional use of a weighted vest is the main “overload” factor that will increase your your caloric output and rev up your metabolism for an amazing afterburn!  You’ll never get on the floor in this workout…Kelly keeps you on your feet and moving constantly! Other “overload” options are;  light dumbbells for the boxing drills,  a heavier dumbbell for the total body compound moves, and the personal choice to go beyond your usual 30 minute workout by 8, 16 or 24 extra minutes to further overload your session! This workout is versatile and appropriate for all levels. Equipment needed:  one moderate to heavy dumbbell      .


L13-20-069 KELLY COFFEY-MEYER 30分鐘有氧健美操入門-舉重.跆拳道


Kelly Coffey-Meyer’s 30 Minutes to Fitness “Strong & Lean” has two very different workouts that are upbeat, time efficient and effective! Workout One: Weights (STRONG) – This is a full body workout that utilizes a barbell, dumbbells and tubing to thoroughly strengthen and tone each muscle group.  In this face-paced and challenging workout, time flies by and leaves you feeling strong and invigorated! Workout Two: Kickboxing (LEAN) – This is an energetic and empowering kickboxing session that burns maximum calories.  “Lean” was designed to tone your arms and shoulders while slimming down your hips and glutes.  Also known as the best way to whittle your waistline, this easy-to-follow kickboxing workout makes getting fit enjoyable! Equipment needed:  Dumbbells.


L13-20-059 KELLY COFFEY-MEYER 30分鐘有氧健美操3片精選-提高力量.肌肉.強化瘦身核心.壺鈴與博擊運動

英文發音.無字幕.2018.150分鐘.3DVD. NT$14,670

30 Minutes to Fitness ”Build & Burn” from Kelly Coffey-Meyer is a 4-6 week program on 3 DVDs designed to increase your strength and muscle definition, while slashing calories and improving your lifestyle. This set has 5 time-efficient and effective workouts that are formatted in an easy to follow rotation. Each numbered DVD is packed with the industry’s best moves that are delivered in Kelly’s upbeat and unique approach to keep you engaged and seeing results.

To optimize results, ”Build & Burn” also includes a realistic, every day meal plan. This is NOT a diet; it is a food guide to help you make better choices. ”Build & Burn” has taken all the guess work out of how to reach your health and fitness goals. Simply follow the order of the numbered DVDs and select your meals from the food guide. If you stay true to the program, your goal of becoming stronger, slimmer and fitter is possible!

Cardio Core: This workout is made of cardio moves that specifically elicit core function. This compilation of exercises is designed to tone up your legs, help you slim down, and attain a stronger leaner core all at the same time. These easy-to-follow moves are performed in 30 sec intervals to keep you focused and working hard.

Upper Body Super Sets: This upper body weight workout is made up of super sets (2 exercises for the same muscle group performed back to back). You will perform 3 sets of 8 reps per exercise before moving on to the next muscle group. Just when you expect another traditional move, a new approach to a well-known exercise offers a welcome change.

Kettlebell & Kickbox Fusion: KB & KB is an interval workout utilizing Kettlebell moves and Kickboxing combinations that are executed in 30 second segments. This challenging session is a great calorie-burner that defines your upper body (including your core/waistline) and improves your cardiovascular endurance for an overall leaner and fitter physique. (A dumbbell can be used in place of a kettlebell)

Lower Body Tabata: The perfect way to work your legs and glutes without fatigue, lactic acid buildup or boredom is to perform the exercises in this unique tabata format. This is sure to be one of your favorite no-dread leg & glute workouts!

Trim And Tone Interval: This is a wonderfully deceiving cardio/weight workout. The cardio is upbeat, yet lower impact, and the light-weight exercises are effective and challenging. You’ll feel amazing at the completion of this little gem!


L13-20-051 KELLY COFFEY-MEYER 30分鐘有氧健美操-有氧拳擊+階梯踏板


Kelly Coffey-Meyer’s ”30 Minutes to Fitness: Step Boxing 2” has two 30-minute workouts, a bonus dumbbell segment and added premixes to give you numerous workouts on one fresh DVD. Both Step Boxing workouts offer a perfectly paced, move-by-move instruction that keeps you working hard and engaged throughout. These workouts are fantastically fun, consistently upbeat and uniquely effective! ”Step Boxing 2” has a bonus strength segment that will challenge you from head to toe with the use of only one moderate-weight dumbbell. This bonus is used in a few premixes but can also be used as a quick stand-alone session, or an add-on to another workout. The premixes on this DVD include a double session of Step Boxing, intervals of Stepping and dumbbell exercises, cardio drills & DB exercises and more. Equipment used: a step (a modifier will perform the workouts on the floor if you choose not to use the step).


L13-20-050 KELLY COFFEY-MEYER 30分鐘有氧健美操-塑身鍛煉技術


Kelly Coffey-Meyer s ”30 Minutes to Fitness: Sculpting RX” contains two very different body shaping workouts: Workout One focuses on a moderate to heavier weight load, and involves supersets to effectively target all major muscle groups in less time. Workout Two is a no-impact, cardio sculpting workout that takes you through a continuous flow of compound moves utilizing lighter weights. Each muscle group is effectively worked with a mid-tempo flow to ensure a safe and effective workout session. Also included on ”Sculpting RX” are premixes that combine these workouts in different ways to add yet even more variety to your ”Sculpting RX” regimen. Equipment used: Light dumbbells (5 or 7 pounds recommended) and a mat.

L13-20-022 KELLY COFFEY-MEYER 30分鐘有氧健美操-槓鈴.啞鈴增強力量.肌肉



Kelly Coffey-Meyer presents this DVD with two 30-minute workouts that will challenge your overall fitness level and burn mega calories for a full body meltdown! Workout One includes a series of challenging multi-joint exercises with moderate to heavy dumbbells, followed by barbell lifts (dumbbells can be used in place of a barbell). Kelly goes one-on-one with you in this workout to keep you focused and pushing through the rough spots. In this workout your trainer is now your workout partner…the struggle is real and you’ll do it together! Workout Two is Tabata Boxing on a heavy bag. Kelly and her crew will take you through short rounds of basic punching combinations that are interesting and effective. The time flies by as you meltdown your middle and sculpt a leaner, fitter upper body. You DO NOT need a heavy bag; instead you can shadow box right along with one of the exercisers who does the entire workout without one. The challenge is still there and the results will still come.


L13-20-021 KELLY COFFEY-MEYER 30分鐘有氧健美操-06項15分鐘塑身訓練



This DVD from fitness favorite Kelly Coffey-Meyer contains six 15-minute workouts where you can design your own workout by choosing the two training techniques of your choice. Your options are: Cardio Bootcamp, light dumbbell Cardio Sculpting, Upper Body Strength, Stronger/Leaner Lower Body, Kickboxing with light dumbbells, and Yoga Flow Stretch. Although these 15 minute workouts are designed to be all-inclusive and not needing a full warm up or stretch, those have been added as another option in case you want or need them.


L13-20-005 KELLY COFFEY-MEYER 30分鐘有氧健美操-腹部.核心訓練



This DVD has two 30 minute workouts that are packed with effective abdominal and core moves from start to finish! Whether you do the complete 30 minute workouts or simply choose to do a 10 minute segment, you will strengthen your abs, trim your waistline and truly improve your overall core function. The exercises included are standing waistline moves, plank work training and various effective sit up variations all targeting the core area. Abs & Core attacks your midsection from all angles to get you real results faster! It’s time to stop doing sit ups that are ineffective and harmful to your back and start using Abs & Core. Now instead of finding which DVD to go to for your preferred ab workout, just press play on this compilation DVD and chose your favorite. It’s never too late to have the body you want – and that includes great abs!


L13-20-004 KELLY COFFEY-MEYER 30分鐘有氧健美操-運動訓練



Whether you are an athlete, a retired athlete still in training, or just want to train like one, Kelly Coffey-Meyer’s 30 Minutes to Fitness “Athletic Conditioning Volume 2” is your quick and complete full body challenge.  Workout One is a thorough program utilizing functional strength training in an easy to follow format. Your entire body will be pushed to the next level with a single pair of dumbbells. You won’t use heavy weights, you won’t be jumping endlessly, and there isn’t an overabundance of repetitions. Keeping it simple and effective, “Athletic Conditioning Volume 2” includes 3 rounds of 12 exercises that challenge you for real results. Workout Two is a floor-based workout that strengthens your core and increases flexibility. The unique fusion of these two styles is the key to the success it delivers. Most core/abdominal workouts exhaust your hip flexors and abs prematurely and most stretch routines are too boring to complete. Workout Two delivers a strong core and increased flexibility more effectively than all the others… and in less time!


L13-20-003 KELLY COFFEY-MEYER 30分鐘有氧健美操-力量.耐力



Kelly Coffey-Meyer’s 30 Minutes to Fitness “”””Strength & Stamina”””” includes two workouts that are designed in a new and energizing format. The only equipment needed for both full-body workouts are dumbbells and a kettlebell (a dumbbell can also be used as a substitute for a kettlebell, if needed). These one-of-a-kind workouts will increase your strength with dumbbells, slim down your waistline with kettlebell swings, and take you to a more advanced fitness level with its non-stop flow of various back-to-back exercises. This wonderfully unique format attacks every muscle group as it blasts away at calories to reveal a stronger, fitter YOU! 30 Minutes to Fitness “”””Strength & Stamina”””” is a no-nonsense, no frills, no stopping workout that will push you JUST hard enough to get you real results! Also included is a bonus step workout! Recommended dumbbell weight load: Advanced: 20 lbs and 15 lbs / 20 lb kettlebell. Intermediate: 15 lbs and 10 lbs / 15 lb kettlebell. Beginner: 7 lbs and 5 lbs


L13-20-002 KELLY COFFEY-MEYER 30分鐘有氧健美操-燃燒卡路里



Kelly Coffey-Meyer’s Amped-Up Cardio was filmed in front of a LIVE audience so that you can enjoy a group fitness class in your own home. There are two 30-minute workouts that are upbeat, fun and challenging. These two workouts offer a unique infusion of boxing, basic aerobic moves, plyometrics, calisthenics, and core work that will help you burn calories and get in shape. These action-packed workouts are designed to trim down your waistline, tone up your arms/legs/glutes, and improve your overall strength. You will enjoy every fun, challenging, and sweaty minute as time flies by! “”””Amped-Up Cardio LIVE”””” offers additional workout options, including a quick Drill Mix, which will quickly and effectively blast your entire body on those busy days when even 30 minutes is too long.