Marcus Gutzmer 世界空手道冠軍之路


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Shotokan & Shito Ryu Karate Katas From White Belt up to Black Belt By Marcus Gutzmer 5.Dan Marcus Gutzmer was born on January 13th, 1972 in Kaiserslautern and started doing Karate in Shotokan style category at the age of 6. Over the years Marcus Gutzmer has gotten to know Goju-Ryu, Shito Ryu and Open Style Karate. Since 1990 additionally he has been practicing Combat Arnis and Bo-Jutsu. Licences of Marcus Gutzmer: 2000 Karate Teacher DKV 2000 Health coach DKV 2001 A-examiner DKV (Open Style Karate) 2003 graduate coach DOSB, bovernmentally certivicated coach, coaching academy Cologne 2003 Club manager A of the German Sports Administration Academy in Berlin 2006 A-examiner Shotokan Karate Great successes: repeatedly German championship in different associations, Shotokan-Cup Champion, Euro Cup Champion, World Cup Champion. On this DVD Marcus Gutzmer shows you the basic katas in shotokan and shito-ryu karate up to the 1st Dan Black Belt. Shotokan Karate Katas: Heian Shodan, Heian Nidan, Heian Sandan, Heian Yondan, Heian Godan, Bassai Dai, Jion, Kanku Dai. Shito Ryu Karate Katas: Pinan Shodan, Pinan Nidan, Pinan Sandan, Pinan Yondan, Pinan Godan, Bassai Dai, Seienchin. Menü: Film Chapter Extras (Photos, Trailer)