MINDY MYLREA 朝氣有氧運動-6項力量訓練單獨.混合搭配02


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Fartik, Tabata, Little positive recovery, negative recovery longer intervals, shorter intervals so many options and so little time. Yes, that’s right: so little time. When intensity is in the mix, workout time is shorter and rewards are greater. Trust Mindy Mylrea to hold your hand and guide you through these amazing HIIT workouts. You’ll experience research-based strategic HIIT training in less time yielding greater strength and fitness gains than ever before. Choose one 10 minute workout and walk away assured you have done enough for the day. Or challenge yourself to put together a few workouts for an over-the-top Intensity Overload. This DVD includes six varied workouts of between 10 to 20 minutes to either stand alone or mix & match for and unlimited intensity cardio and strength variety.