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There are 10 programs that form the Programmable Controllers (PLC) Training Series. This training package is a comprehensive PLC program applicable to all PLCs without requiring any prior PLC knowledge. With PLC applications abundant in manufacturing facilities, this PLC program is a must for your facility.

Consisting of 10 programs, the program starts off with the basics, thoroughly explains the hardware section of the controller, moves on to both basic and advanced programming topics, and wraps up with proper system implementation. The PLC Training Series not only explains the ins and outs of programmable controllers, but also gives examples of real-life PLC applications.

The PLC Program includes the following 10 programs:

801 Introduction To Programmable Controllers

Principles of Operation, Relay Logic and the PLC, Ladder Diagrams and the PLC

802 PLC Number Systems and Codes

Number systems, Binary Codes, Register/Word Formats

803 Logic Functions and Their Relationship with PLC Systems

AND-OR-NOT Operators, PLC Circuits and Logic Contact Symbology

804 General CPU Operations, Memory System, and PLC I/O Addressing

Basic CPU Components and Function, Processor Scan, Memory System, Application Memory,I/O Interaction, I/O Mapping

805 Discrete Input/Output System

Discrete I/O Basics, Remote I/O, Discrete Input Modules, Discrete Output Types, Discrete Output Modules

806 Analog Input/Output System

Analog I/O Basics, Input Signal Understanding and Data Representation, Output Signal Understanding and Data Representation, Analog Modules

807 Introduction to PLC Software Programming and Basic Relay Programming Instructions

PLC Instructions, Logic Continuity, Ladder Language, Relay Instructions, Ladder Scan Evaluation, Programming NC Input Devices

808 Timer, Counter Program Flow Control and Arithmetic Programming Instruction

Different Types of Timer Instructions and Actions, Up/Down Counters, Jumping To and Go To, Subroutines, Performing Math Instructions

809 Data Manipulation, Data Handling and Data Transfer Programming Instructions

Comparison, Matrix, Conversion and Shift Manipulation, Data and Table Moves, Block Transfers, Sequencing and Boolean Mnemonics

810 PLC System Implementation and Control Programming

Control Task Definition and Strategy, Program Implementation, Modernization Example, Fwd/Rev Motor Control, Interlocking, TWS Decoding