Reiner Brauhardt 合氣道基礎入門 02套精緻版


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Reiner Brauhardt 合氣道基礎入門 02套精緻版







L14-20-057 Reiner Brauhardt 合氣道基礎入門-Tanto木刀


This new DVD in the series “Aikido Basics from A to Z” shows the main techniques with Tanto, the wooden knife that is used to train self-defense techniques against knife attacks. The techniques demonstrated contain throws and locks, nage waza and katama waza, in different variations. They will be combined with the different forms of knife attacks. Everyone, from beginner to expert, will gain great insight into efficient self-defense against knife attacks. Meanwhile the basic principles of Aikido like zanshin and ma-ai, awareness and right distance, will be improved. Aikido is a Japanese martial art that has steadily become popular worldwide. It was founded by Morihei Ueshiba at the beginning of the 20th century. Aikido includes elements of different Japanese martial arts, from weaponless techniques to the use of sword and stick. Aikido is a highly effective method of self-defense. In Aikido it is not about strength facing strength. The Aikidoka rather uses the attacker’s energy to incapacitate him by applying throw and lever techniques. The attacker gets effectively controlled without being hurt. Aikido equally trains body and mind. In this educational film-series Aikido from A to Z Grand Master Reiner Brauhardt (8th Dan Aikido, Kyoshi) offers widespread training of all aspects of Aikido. Reiner Brauhardt is one of the most famous Aikido-Masters in Europe, as a pioneer of Aikido in Germany he started with this martial art more than 40 years ago. Since 1985 he has been a professional aikido-instructor and runs an aikido-school in Siegen.


L14-20-058 Reiner Brauhardt 合氣道基礎入門-傳統木武器.刀技法.身心訓練