Robert Paturel T 型警棍教授技術


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In this DVD, Robert Paturel gives a TONFA course. In this video, he gives training tracks to automate certain actions. Even if a video provides some interesting details, meaningful progress can only be achieved after many regular rehearsals under the responsibility of a coach worthy of the name. Tonfa is normally practiced by two people. It used to be used to crush rice, and it was at the beginning the millstone crank. You had a wheel in which we put the slot and you turned the handle that allowed to mill rice. In 1972, Ron Anderson had the idea to make it a police stick. This is how it started, in California. After an course of French boxing in California, Robert Paturel brought the Tonfa to France for our police forces. Robert Paturel will show you some guards, different parades, from static work to moving work, rotating movements, responses, anticipations, removals, counterattacks, controls on an individual, defenses on a knife attack, and much more. With Robert Paturel, RAID Instructor for 20 years. Coach of many champions. European Champion of French Boxing, six times Champion of France of French Boxing.