Rolf Schneider 暴徒攻擊自衛術


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Rolf Schneider has been practicing martial arts for more than 30 years. He started early in his youth with karate. Over the years he studied other martial arts, such as aikido or ju-jitsu. Inspired by different martial arts, he developed his own defense system. In this film you get to see the most effective techniques which are specifically meant to fend off thug attacks. Attacks against thugs may be fist punches or sudden knockout attempts. Rolf Schneider always has a powerful response that no attacker would guess. Within seconds the attacker is forced down by the defender. All shown techniques are presented from different angles. For a better learning effect, the techniques are performed several times in slow-motion and in normal speed. The best defense techniques are realistically and spectacularly performed right on the street.