SUE GRANT 老人椅上溫和運動-熱身.有氧.力量平衡.伸展運動03


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The Older & Wiser Workout – with PIZZAZZ! is a lively workout that will make you smile! If you’re looking for an upbeat and spirited workout, this DVD will get you moving with Sue Grant and Back-Up-Babe Eve Stall – you’ll love it! Equipment needed: A sturdy chair with no arms (for added stability during the stretch section only), Light-medium weights (4 – 6 lbs.). This energetic workout includes: Aerobic Warm Up – 5 minutes; Aerobics – 25 minutes; Strength & Balance – 21 minutes; Stretch – 10 minutes. Sue Grant, Fellow of Applied Functional Science through the Gray Institute of Applied Functional Science is also a certified Master Instructor for FallProof, an internationally recognized Balance and Mobility Training program. She is certified by the American Council on Exercise (ACE) and also helped to write and produce the “Boomers and Beyond” section of ACE’s Senior Fitness Specialty Certification. Sue has a Professional Certificate in Fitness Instruction and Exercise Science from UC San Diego, specializing in both Personal Training and Group Fitness Instruction. Most importantly, Sue’s lifelong love for fitness is contagious – she is passionate about helping Older Adults stay fit and active at any age


Sue Grant 是國際公認的平衡和靈活性訓練計劃 FallProof 的認證碩士導師,並且還獲得了美國運動委員會和關節炎基金會的認證。此外,她很自豪能成為應用功能科學研究員,獲得加州大學聖地亞哥分校的健身指導和運動科學證書,專攻個人訓練和團體健身指導。她是一名經過認證的老年人健身專家。最重要的是,Sue 對健身的終生熱愛具有感染力——她熱衷於幫助老年人在任何年齡都保持健康和活躍!