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The Body Firm’s Body Sculpting Basics DVD is a total-body workout designed by Founder of The Firm, Anna Benson. Susan Harris leads a routine that astonished the exercise community when first introduced. For the first time, weights & aerobics were combined in one program. This is now a proven best method for simultaneous fat loss and muscle toning in the least amount of time. The warm-up is followed by a Giant Total-Body set. Maximum poundage is used for lunges, squats and upper body. Cardio activities are inserted to keep the heart rate high. A notable giant floor set includes push-ups. Tough and thorough, multiple body positions tone hips & thighs. Core and stretch exercises complete the workout. Originally titled ”The Firm: Aerobic Workout with Weights Vol. 1.” Equipment: assorted dumbbell pairs, optional ankle weights, and a short 2 x 4 board.