SUSAN TUTTLE 椅子+阻力帶老人有氧運動-鍛煉肌肉和加強骨骼.卡路里燃燒鍛煉


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Safely strengthen your whole body using a Resistance Band (included FREE inside the DVD) in these two 30 minute workouts from Susan Tuttle and her acclaimed and best-selling Senior In-Home Fitness DVD series. Workout 1 is performed while seated. After a quick muscle warm up you will work out with the resistance band and increase the intensity while toning muscle and strengthening your bones. As soon as you stretch this band you engage your core muscles which get you toned up in less time. Workout 2 adds a little movement to give you a calorie burning workout. Melt fat and firm up everything from your shoulders to your calves. Susan will target large muscle groups like your glutes, hamstrings and quads that help boost your metabolism which ultimately slims your waist. Both workouts end with relaxing stretches that increase flexibility and create better posture.


Susan Tuttle 是AFAA 團體健身教練和美國高級健身私人教練,持有Healthways老年運動認證。Susan 還持有健康和健身領域多項專業認證包括普拉提、瑜伽、Silver Sneakers、Step、Bootcamp 和 Zumba。