SUSAN TUTTLE 老人椅子運動-減輕關節炎疼痛.改善肌肉功能


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Physical Activity decreases the pain associated with Arthritis, while improving muscle function and range of motion. A healthy body needs 30 minutes of moderate, daily exercise and this DVD from Susan Tuttle, the creator of the In Home Fitness Series, is the best way to start. Workout 1 begins with a slow rhythmic warm up to decrease joint stiffness. Next, tone and build as much muscle strength as you can in your upper and lower body using hand weights. A powerful core will help keep you stable so you can move your feet faster. Susan’s core exercises accomplish this while having fun. Add a cool down stretch and improve your overall outlook. Workout 2 gives you an option to stand next to your chair while increasing your energy in this warm up. Get your lower body in on the sculpting by standing next to your chair and following Susan’s easy paced movements. Then have a seat and continue muscle toning exercises to boost your posture, cinch your waist and increase muscle mass. End your session with a peaceful, relaxing stretch. The amount of weight you use will help you exercise at the right level for your goals. The music will make you forget you are working out. Take control of your life by staying active.


Susan Tuttle 是AFAA 團體健身教練和美國高級健身私人教練,持有Healthways老年運動認證。Susan 還持有健康和健身領域多項專業認證包括普拉提、瑜伽、Silver Sneakers、Step、Bootcamp 和 Zumba。