SUSAN TUTTLE 老人瑜珈運動椅子+阻力帶-深層伸展.減輕壓力


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This DVD, from acclaimed instructor Susan Tuttle and her best-selling Senior In-Home Fitness DVD collection, contains two 30 minute stretching workouts physically safe for seniors (as well as a FREE resistance band packed inside). Breath of Life 2 – Chair Yoga is designed for seniors, giving them the option to use a band for deeper stretches. Workout 1 movements focus on creating better posture. The band shoulder stretch is a welcome release for hunched-over postures. Susan uses the band to unlock your hips, giving your joints more range of motion. The standing portion truly helps stretch your back, calves, and hamstrings safely and effectively. Workout 2, in addition to seated stretching, has you stand next to the chair but holding on for a little more stability. These simple poses stretch your inner thighs, hamstrings, hip flexors and calves in addition to your upper body, chest, and arm releases. The band is used ultimately to create better range of motion and boost the health benefits of stretching. Give your hard working body some relief from physical stress with these two 30 minute sessions.


Susan Tuttle 是AFAA 團體健身教練和美國高級健身私人教練,持有Healthways老年運動認證。Susan 還持有健康和健身領域多項專業認證包括普拉提、瑜伽、Silver Sneakers、Step、Bootcamp 和 Zumba。