Walter Staib 名廚教室38套合集




Walter Staib 名廚教室38套合集



F05-21-083      Walter Staib 名廚教室-Season 11, Episode 12: The Galápagos Islands

Chef Staib journeys to the famed Galápagos Islands. He explores the vast wildlife, samples coffee produced from volcanic soil, and tastes the local ceviche made from an endemic species of the islands.


F05-21-082      Walter Staib 名廚教室-Season 11, Episode 11: Coastal Manabí Cuisine

Chef Staib visits the Manabí province of Ecuador to sample its fresh seafood and diverse native cuisine. Staib also learns to make the region’s quintessential dish known as viche at an indigenous archeological site.


F05-21-081      Walter Staib 名廚教室-Season 11, Episode 10: The Experiment in Zoar

Chef Staib travels to the town of Zoar, Ohio, established by German separatists in the 19th century. He learns what can be accomplished with a strong sense of community, and prepares familiar recipes from his homeland such as spaetzle and gaisburger marsch.


F05-21-080      Walter Staib 名廚教室-Season 11, Episode 9: Swimming Pigs in Paradise

The gorgeous waters of Exuma harbor a diverse variety of marine species including one you may not expect: swimming pigs.  Chef Staib explores the unique island culture and cuisine including lobster and grits, conch chowder, and curried goat.


F05-21-079      Walter Staib 名廚教室-Season 11, Episode 8: Historic Locust Grove

Chef Staib visits a Louisville homestead once frequented by former presidents and the explorers of the American frontier. Recipes include burgoo, chicken leek pie, and more.

F05-21-078      Walter Staib 名廚教室-Season 11, Episode 7: America’s Oldest City

Chef Staib visits the oldest continuously inhabited city in the continental United States: St. Augustine, Florida. Authentic Spanish dishes are prepared including gambas al ajillo, fabada asturiana, and gazpacho.


F05-21-077      Walter Staib 名廚教室-Season 11, Episode 6: Return to the Dockyard

Chef Staib returns to Antigua to discuss the significance of the island’s 17th century naval dockyard. Signature island recipes include fungee, lobster rundown, ducana, and creole grouper.


F05-21-076      Walter Staib 名廚教室-Season 11, Episode 5: The Santa Fe Trail

Chef Staib journeys down the Santa Fe trail through Kansas to discover where travelers regrouped before the next perilous leg of their journey. Recipes like steamed venison pudding and bison stew are prepared at a local stagecoach stop.


F05-21-075      Walter Staib 名廚教室-Season 11, Episode 4: Cuisine of the Equator

Chef Staib travels to the highlands of Ecuador where local ingredients and indigenous culture combine with that of the Spanish conquistadors to create something truly unique. Recipes like cuy, cevichocho, and helados de paila are prepared by local chefs.


F05-21-074      Walter Staib 名廚教室-Season 11, Episode 3: History on a Half Shell

Chef Staib explores the oyster harvesting industry from its tumultuous past to its sustainable present. Staib celebrates this keystone species with a family seafood feast, and prepares some unique recipes of his own like crab & oyster cakes and oyster empanadas.


F05-21-073      Walter Staib 名廚教室-Season 11, Episode 2: Eat It to Beat It

Chef Staib travels to the Caribbean nation of Grenada to shed light on the threat of the invasive lionfish and cook up some tasty solutions. Recipes include lionfish ceviche and pan seared lionfish with fire roasted breadfruit.


F05-21-072      Walter Staib 名廚教室-Season 11, Episode 1: The Seed of a City

18th century taverns provided much more than a meal and a place to sleep – they were often the catalyst for a city’s growth. Chef Staib joins the team at Dill’s Tavern to discover the roots of Dillsburg, Pennsylvania and prepare recipes such as roast mutton, sausage cassoulet, and more.


F05-21-071      Walter Staib 名廚教室-Season 10, Episode 13: A Look Back on Ten Seasons

A dazzling retrospective of A Taste of History, as told by host and creator, Chef Walter Staib.


F05-21-070      Walter Staib 名廚教室-Season 10, Episode 12: The Best of St. Lucia

Chef Walter Staib recounts his favorite local dishes and locations from the island of St. Lucia.


F05-21-069      Walter Staib 名廚教室-Season 10, Episode 11: From Kitchen Garden to Table

Chef Walter Staib cooks “garden to table” at William Penn’s 17th century home. Recipes include baked stuffed flounder with sorrel & summer squash.


F05-21-068      Walter Staib 名廚教室-Season 10, Episode 10: Little England in the Caribbean

Barbados’ history, cuisine, and folklore are explored by Chef Walter Staib. Recipes with local chefs include Bajan macaroni pie, sea cat, and Bajan souse with pig ear.


F05-21-067      Walter Staib 名廚教室-Season 10, Episode 9: Burbon: The True American Spirit

Oak barrels, spring water and corn take center stage as Chef Walter Staib discovers the history of bourbon in Kentucky. Recipes include pepper-crusted pork tenderloin, and bourbon-glazed apples.


F05-21-066      Walter Staib 名廚教室-Season 10, Episode 8: Washington’s Winter Headquarters

Chef Walter Staib and General George Washington brave the elements to discuss the winter of 1777 at Valley Forge. Recipes include veal kidney mushroom pie, and fried cauliflower.


F05-21-065      Walter Staib 名廚教室-Season 10, Episode 7: The Tex-Mex Republic

Chef Walter Staib teams up Chef Pete Mims to enjoy Laredo’s local food favorites and the interesting history of the short-lived Republic of the Rio Grande. Recipes include puffy chalupas, and beef tenderloin with huitlacoche.


F05-21-064      Walter Staib 名廚教室-Season 10, Episode 6: Southern Fare at Rattle & Snap

Chef Walter Staib visits Tennessee and cooks at one of its oldest antebellum estates, Rattle & Snap. Recipes include cream of peanuts, stuffed pork roulade, and braised green beans.


F05-21-063      Walter Staib 名廚教室-Season 10, Episode 5: Salt Cay: The Island that Time Forgot

Chef Walter Staib travels to Turks and Caicos to explore the historic salt ponds of Salt Cay. He also assists in the preparation a Caribbean queen conch tasting menu with local chefs.


F05-21-062      Walter Staib 名廚教室-Season 10, Episode 4: Camden & the Controversial Quaker

The wealth of New Jersey’s waterfront and the story of Marmaduke Cooper is uncovered by Chef Walter Staib at Pomona Hall. Recipes include stewed pheasant, and fricassee of sweetbreads & veal tongue.


F05-21-061      Walter Staib 名廚教室-Season 10, Episode 3: America’s First Penitentiary

Chef Walter Staib tours the historic corridors of Philadelphia’s Eastern State Penitentiary. Recipes include white bean & beef stew, and red bean chili.


F05-21-060      Walter Staib 名廚教室-Season 10, Episode 2: Penn’s Personal Brewery

William Penn’s approach to ale making is brought to life at his home, Pennsbury Manor. Recipes include sausage dumplings with a mushroom ale sauce, and roasted potatoes with sausage & sage.


F05-21-059      Walter Staib 名廚教室-Season 10, Episode 1: Jam-Asian Fusion

The lasting influence of the Chinese in Jamaica is explored by Chef Walter Staib in the kitchen and on the street. Unique Asian-Jamaican fusion recipes include janga eggrolls with star fruit relish, and spicy shumai with Thai chili.


F05-21-058      Walter Staib 名廚教室-Season 9, Episode 13: Best of Jamaica

The natural beauty and exotic spices of Jamaica cannot be captured in a single visit! Chef Walter Staib has been cooking in this amazing Caribe nation for decades, both on and off camera. This collection highlights both famous and hidden sides of Jamaica.


F05-21-057      Walter Staib 名廚教室-Season 9, Episode 12: A Sentimental Journey Through Nicaragua

Joined by his son, Chef Walter Staib travels to his late-wife’s homeland in this touching tribute. Nicaragua’s natural beauty, unique culture, and amazing cuisine are celebrated.


F05-21-056      Walter Staib 名廚教室-Season 9, Episode 11: Rochambeau’s Revolutionary Road

In 1781, General Rochambeau’s French forces marched hundreds of miles with the Continental Army to help secure American independence.  Chef Walter Staib prepares rustic fare that would have been served on this historic journey.


F05-21-055      Walter Staib 名廚教室-Season 9, Episode 10: Handmade: Crafts of the 18th Century

Chef Walter Staib explores the painstaking process of colonial craftsmanship. Along with observing book making and looming, Staib exhibits his own craft with recipes such as braised lamb shank and stuffed kohlrabi.


F05-21-054      Walter Staib 名廚教室-Season 9, Episode 9: Flavors of the Pinoleros

Chef Walter Staib travels to the Land of Lakes and Volcanoes: Nicaragua! From touring antique markets to preparing traditional favorites like vigarón and baho, Staib gives an intimate look into the history and flavors of the Nicaraguans.


F05-21-053      Walter Staib 名廚教室-Season 9, Episode 8: The Monticello Wine Experiment

Thomas Jefferson’s impact on the world of wine is explored in Chef Staib’s triumphant return to Monticello.  Recipes include lavender-marinated duck, oysters with champagne, and more.


F05-21-052      Walter Staib 名廚教室-Season 9, Episode 7: Pennsbury: The Working Estate

Grand estates required an enormous amount of effort to maintain during the early days of America.  Chef Staib discovers what it took at the manor of Pennsylvania’s founder, William Penn. Recipes include catfish dumplings and cream of persimmon.


F05-21-051      Walter Staib 名廚教室-Season 9, Episode 6: Recipes in the Rainforest

The natural beauty and unique foods of St. Lucia are explored.  Chef Walter Staib learns some native creole language and helps prepare unique and traditional St. Lucian fare in the tropical forest of this island nation.


F05-21-050      Walter Staib 名廚教室-Season 9, Episode 5: A Tribute to Mrs. Goodfellow

Mrs. Goodfellow was a successful baker and teacher who opened the first finishing school in America.  Chef Walter Staib and Pastry Chef Diana recreate some of her most notable creations, including lemon meringue pie and much more.


F05-21-049      Walter Staib 名廚教室-Season 9, Episode 4: The Bounty of Penn’s Pennsylvania

William Penn was amazed to find vast numbers of wild game in the forests of the New World. Chef Walter Staib travels to Pennsbury Manor and prepares recipes such as elk stew that would have been enjoyed by the Pennsylvania colonists including Penn himself.


F05-21-048      Walter Staib 名廚教室-Season 9, Episode 3: Jamaica’s Spectacular South Coast

Chef Staib travels along the south coast of Jamaica and delights in adventure off the beaten track, relishing a local’s delicious pepper shrimp dish and a fisherman’s hangout in the middle of the sea.


F05-21-047      Walter Staib 名廚教室-Season 9, Episode 2: Settling Jamestown

The struggle and triumph of the first permanent English settlement in North America is explored. In honor of the natives and colonists of Jamestown, Virginia, Chef Staib prepares stuffed roasted chicken with wild rice and cornbread.


F05-21-046      Walter Staib 名廚教室-Season 9, Episode 1: Remember Paoli!

Chef Walter Staib uncovers the life of General “Mad Anthony” Wayne and the Battle of Paoli – an event that inspired America’s first battle cry, “Remember Paoli!”  Recipes include braised short ribs, Pennsylvania dutch gratin, and more.


F05-21-045      Walter Staib 名廚教室-Season 8, Episode 13: Washington’s Character, Charisma & Ambition

Founding father George Washington helped shape the great nation known as the United States of America. Chef Walter Staib’s favorite segments featuring George Washington are compiled for this very special episode of A Taste of History.


F05-21-044      Walter Staib 名廚教室-Season 8, Episode 12: The Queen of the Caribbean

The island of Nevis was known as the “Queen of the Caribbean” in the 18th century. Learn how this tiny island impacted history and join Chef Staib as he teams up with local chefs to prepare a plantation-style pig roast feast and more!


F05-21-043      Walter Staib 名廚教室-Season 8, Episode 11: Coffee Past, Present & Future

Chef Walter Staib explores one of Philadelphia’s longest running coffee producers and prepares java-inspired recipes such as: Coffee-marinated Tenderloin of Beef, Coffee-Infused Diver Scallops, Coffee Cake and more!


F05-21-042      Walter Staib 名廚教室-Season 8, Episode 10: The Mummers: Pistols, Parasols & Parades

The Mummers are a unique part of Philadelphia culture. Revelers dress in vibrant costumes and parade the streets every New Year’s Day. Chef Walter Staib discovers the history of mummery and prepares recipes that include: Philadelphia Pepperpot, Braised Bluefish, Skillet Cornbread and more!


F05-21-041      Walter Staib 名廚教室-Season 8, Episode 9: Yorktown – The Last Battle

The Battle of Yorktown was more than just a victory for George Washington and the Continental Army, it was a global effort with history-changing coincidences. Come learn the exciting story of the final land battle of the American Revolution with Chef Walter Staib as he prepares Seafood Stew, Broad Beans with pork and duck, Fried Rabbit and more!


F05-21-040      Walter Staib 名廚教室-Season 8, Episode 8: Cajun Cuisine of the Acadians

Chef Walter Staib cooks in the Louisiana bayou for a taste of history that captures the Cajun culture! Discover how French farmers found themselves in the wilderness of the American South and established one of the most unique cuisines in America. Louisiana native Chef John Folse joins Staib to prepare authentic Cajun recipes such as Rabbit & Squirrel Jambalaya and Turtle Sauce Piquante


F05-21-039      Walter Staib 名廚教室-Season 8, Episode 7: Alexander Hamilton – The Financier

Alexander Hamilton authored the Federalist Papers, championed the authority of the Federal Government and established banking practices still in effect today. Chef Walter Staib explores the story of this fascinating American figure and prepares Fricassee of Veal with Turnips, Soft Shell Crabs and a classic dessert for Hamilton: the Financier!


F05-21-038      Walter Staib 名廚教室-Season 8, Episode 6: Bonaparte in St. Lucia

For centuries, St. Lucia was a contested jewel between the English and the French. It is also the hotly debated birthplace of French Empress Josephine Bonaparte. Join Chef Walter Staib as he prepares upper-class French recipes such as Navarin d’Agneau and Poached Snapper Vinaigrette in the former French capital of Soufrière.


F05-21-037      Walter Staib 名廚教室-Season 8, Episode 5: 300 Years of Service

Philadelphia’s Christ Church opened its doors in 1695 and has stood the test of time. Come explore this American landmark and discover which revolutionary leaders worshipped here. Chef Staib whips up Sauerbraten, Florentine of Veal Kidney and more!


F05-21-036      Walter Staib 名廚教室-Season 8, Episode 4: Creole Cuisine and the War of 1812

The Battle of New Orleans launched Andrew Jackson into nationwide fame. Chef Walter Staib recounts this fascinating story and joins Chef John Folse on the battlefield to prepare Redfish Courtbouillon and Brandied Bananas with Rum.


F05-21-035      Walter Staib 名廚教室-Season 8, Episode 3: German Born, American Made

Chef Walter Staib finds a taste of history in Trappe, Pennsylvania at the family home of Henry Muhlenberg, a pastor that immigrated from Germany to preach to small communities in the Mid-Atlantic. His modest goals led to a significant impact in history, science and education through his work and the work of his three sons. Recipes include German fare such as Pickled Lamb Tongue & Stuffed Cabbage.


F05-21-034      Walter Staib 名廚教室-Season 8, Episode 2: Peace and Autonomy

Chef Walter Staib travels deep into the mountains of Jamaica for an incredible glimpse into the world of the Maroons of Accompong Town. The village Deputy Chief/Medicine Man and Chef Staib roast a traditional whole jerk pig and a savor pepper pot soup.


F05-21-033      Walter Staib 名廚教室-Season 8, Episode 1: George Washington’s Whiskey

Chef Walter Staib explores the grounds at Mt. Vernon and discovers how George Washington spent his retirement years. He’ll uncover Washington’s recipe for unaged rye whiskey produced and sold from the on-site distillery and will cook Pecan-Stuffed Suckling Pig, Pork Kidney and Plum Pudding.