YouTube演變大揭密 2020 Moscow International Documentary Film Festival DOKer 最佳IT記錄片得獎


貨號: EE01-21-001 分類:


With dark humor and caustic wit, 100 Million Views uncovers the truth about a platform that promised transparency and democracy, but hides an exploitative, censored and unaccountable underbelly. After years making Youtube videos without success, Itamar Rose sets out to discover the secrets of what makes a video go viral. Along the way he meets with YouTube stars past and present. Itamar mission pulls back the curtain on an industry where even the viral success stories begin life with views bought from lick farms.’ YouTube stars fall by the wayside, exhausted by the demands to constantly create and need the beast?or disappear from the rankings, and Itamar himself is ejected from a YouTube event for asking difficult questions. While Itamar journey takes him into the heart of the YouTube machine, difficult questions emerge about how this platform that was supposed to give everyone a voice, has evolved.