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AI vs 真人辯論學齡前補貼政策-IBM Project Debater


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Intelligence Squared U.S. Debates has featured several debates on artificial intelligence (AI)he risks, the rewards, and whether it can change the world. But this debate is unique: This time one of the debaters is AI itself machine. In partnership with IBM, Intelligence Squared U.S. Debates hosts a debate between a world-class human debate champion and an AI system. IBM Project Debater is the first AI system designed to debate humans on complex topics using a combination of pioneering technology developed by IBM researchers including data-driven speechwriting and delivery, listening comprehension, and modeling human dilemmas. First debuted in a small closed-door event in June 2018, Project Debater now faces its toughest opponent yet in front of it’s largest-ever audience. The topichould preschool be subsidized has not be revealed to Project Debater and the champion human debater until shortly before the debate began. Following the debate, IBM scientists discuss the development of Project Debater.