Emmanuelle Fredric 強化肌肉訓練-下蹲.弓步.抬高腿.踢腿.腿部鍛煉


貨號: L10-20-010 分類:


This video is a muscular-strengthening course lead by a professional trainer and built on series of 20 repetitions of each exercise: squats, lunges, alternating lunges, alternating jump lunges, legs lifted, kicks, abdominals, knee strikes, leg work, strengthening, dips…A comprehensive and flexible program you can easily adjust to your individual level of training! Work on yourself and train your body! Emmanuelle Frédéric graduated with a Master’s Degree in Training-Biology-Health-Nutrition. She worked in cardiovascular rehabilitation for people with health problems and also is a sports coach at home and in clubs.