Erwin Pfeiffer 柔術.韓國合氣道神經點攻擊防衛01


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Erwin Pfeiffer is a master of JuJitsu and Hapkido. In this DVD, together with Bernd Höhle, Pfeiffer shows points of pain, which are important in self-defense, with help of some practical examples. The selections of the points of attack were chosen purposefully in such a way that several points in defense are considered. A variety of attacks may be used. The contents of the DVD offer various suggestions and ideas of application for all people that are involved in martial arts and people that are interested in self-defense. Everybody should select their own techniques that are most suitable for them and use them in their defense. Master Erwin Pfeiffer has practiced martial arts for over thirty years. He has concentrated on dealing with nerve points for a long time. He deals with many different types of martial arts, such as Japanese Kyusho, the Korean Kupso, and many others.These different types work with points of pain as well. He sets a high value on realistic techniques, the efficiency and self-protection.