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Happy Yoga from Sarah Starr is designed to bring you the beauty of Mother Nature as you receive yoga’s rejuvenating benefits, including flexibility, toning, clarity and balance. This DVD contains two complete Yoga practices designed especially for beginners. Sunny Bloom: Soak up the sunshine energy in the bright spring bloom while enjoying a gentle seated yoga practice, great for all levels… especially beginners! Stay low on your mat and experience the benefits of gentle yoga. Includes seated, all fours, and supine stretches for your shoulders, back, hips, legs and more. Golden Rays: Allow the ocean waves and golden sunset to recharge your body as we gently stretch from head to toe with seated and standing poses for your shoulders, chest, back, hips, hamstrings and more. Relax and enjoy all the benefits of yoga as we tone, strengthen, improve balance, increase flexibility, and reduce stress.